Founders & Owners of WWSG


Ms. Sherine Assal | Founder & Chairwoman

Sherine is the owner has been active as the Chairwoman, has direct hands on experience in Operations that spans a period of over  12 years as an owner.  She was previously the Operations Manager of AGS, the first company under the umbrella with over 350 active Security Officers working on Commercial Contracts within the Southern California marketplace. She is active in all aspects of the company’s operations and been a great leader and rock during our growth to now 6,000 employees internationally.


Sherif Assal | Founder & President

Sherif has over 15 years of hands on experience in Management and Operations with several of WWSG founding companies in the Southern California marketplace. He began as the Contract Manager for all Government Security Contracts with a $100m per year International Services Group, which was a prime Government Services Contractor. During the period from 1993 through 1997 he was actively involved in the management and control of approximately 15 Government Contracts employing over 1,200 Armed Security Officers in approximately 10 States. The majority of these were GSA Contracts. He saw an opportunity to work with his sister and founded this company in 1997, and has been the Executive Vice President, with direct Operations Responsibility and Control ever since through expansion into complimentary markets for businesses and municipalities.