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WWSG & Law Enforcement

Most recently, VSA officers worked side-by-side with federal law enforcement agents while securing critical infrastructure along the U.S. border for the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB).

WWSG  Inc. and its affiliate firms draw from or coordinate with law enforcement at every conceivable level of organization. At the level of individual security guards, Vets Securing America (VSA) almost exclusively employs former law enforcement or military veterans; clients can expect the field-tested durability of military and law enforcement practices on every VSA contract.

For certain contracts, such as our retail-specific loss prevention services provided for numerous Kroger stores across the nation, American Guard Services, Inc. (AGS) employs Off-Duty Police Officers (ODOs) who greatly elevate security measures.

At the management level, many of our C-level executives are former law enforcement officers. It happens to be that our two Executive Vice Presidents, Mr. Gerald Gregory and Mr. Robert Lasky, cover respectively the local and federal spheres of law enforcement. With Mr. Gregory’s over thirty (30) years’ experience in law enforcement (including his position as police captain), coupled with Mr. Lasky’s twenty (20) year FBI career (including his position as Special Agent-in-Charge), we have great expectations for the coming synergy as we integrate the newly appointed Mr. Lasky into our organization.

For WWSG, security and law enforcement are intertwined. They share a common mission: safeguarding the nation. For that reason, we will continue to draw from law enforcement in every aspect of our approach. Furthermore, we will work alongside them at every opportunity. The nation can never have too many shields.

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