LivePT Integrated Software Platform

Our system provides a seamless, integrated software platform for automated law enforcement.

Voice, Video, Data and 2-Way Radio Interoperability

Allows Local, State, Federal agencies plus Fire, EMS to inter-communicate on the same IP-based backbone

Criminal Alerts

Sends intra-jurisdictional criminal incident alerts to criminal incident partners by roles and geographic location. Sends intra-jurisdictional cascade criminal incident alerts to local public safety agencies (Fire, Public Health, EMS, Security, Airports and Seaports) and other agencies (State, County and Federal).

Security Resource Management

With Electronic Reporting, using a Web-based integrated database reporting tool.  Maintain and manage criminal incident partners and jail resources. Register and manage all criminal records remotely and allows the ability to create ad hoc and custom reports.

Unified Communications

One single IP-based platform for two-way radios, smart phones, video surveillance, PC’s, and landline telephones.  In addition, LivePT enables mobility, supporting Android and iPhone applications as well. LivePT allows for intra and inter-agency collaboration with full multimedia integration, with access to video, voice and data live and in real time.