Professional eAccess Network, Inc.

We provide every legally available data search and do this at the lowest prices possible. We do this with the KarieSystem©, our proprietary system that slashes administrative costs by 90% and more. We continue our search for new and better methods of gathering and disseminating data. Data that employers need to make intelligent business decisions.

Accurate, Timely & Cost Effective Background Checks

We provide data for pre-employment background checks, tenant screening, and firms of all type who require data for legal research. We provide data only to firms for permissible purposes and we, and our clients must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Federal law mandates that service providers like ProeAccess verify that their clients are legit businesses in good standing. Not to worry: We make this process simple and fast, typically completing the verification process in less than one day.

You Choose


ProeAccess offers a variety of report types that vary in scope and a host of add-on screening services. We clearly describe the differences and advantages of each facet of your report.

You Inform


Federal law obligates that you get your candidate’s consent to perform a background check. We’ll provide you with the form for the candidate. Once received, we’ll ask you to provide basic information such as name, DOB, address, SSN, etc. Depending on which service you require will facilitate the amount of candidate info needed to complete.



ProeAcess delivers an easy to read report outlining the record of your candidate (s), in most cases within 3 days. A ProeAccess customer service representative will email you the results. We will assist your HR Managers with follow up to any background check that is not clearly understood.