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Mobility & Automation
Bringing Enterprises Together

WWSG Inc. is a system integrator of the Lighthouse Integrated Management Platform.  Lighthouse is worlds the first military grade secure (FIPS140.2 Encryption Standard) and authentication driven integration Platform Provider for bringing together the following:

  • Analog – (Video, Access & Control & Voice Systems)
  • Digital – (Smart Phones, Tablets, Print, Fax & Imaging Systems)
  • Legacy Applications – (Main Frame, Windows, AS400 & Cloud Applications)
  • Data – (Voice, Video & Data Networks)
  • Facilities – (HVAC, Generators, Refrigeration, Security Systems)
  • Human Capital – (Employees, Vendors, Contractors & Partners)
  • With Lighthouse we can bring your enterprise together via our open architected for intra & interoperability for Municipal, Tribal, Corporate, and Federal Agencies.
Sustainable eGovernance
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Resource Management
  • Access and Control System Integration
  • Integrated Web Communication (Voice, Video & Data)
  • Storage & Remote Access
  • Alerts, Messaging and Automated Response
  • Incident Awareness
  • Voice-to-Text Automated Voice Recognition
  • Automated Report Distribution