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Public Safety Services
Security, Systems Integration, and Crossing Guard Services

Through its partnerships and affiliates, WWSG provides its customers with premier systems design and integration services. Furthermore, WWSG more recently began providing security systems integration and services as well as ongoing systems maintenance. For security related services not provided internally, WWSG offers consultative or sub-contracting services.

The Company integrates diverse electronic security systems, such as access control, closed circuit television, alarm monitoring, digital badging, and live video surveillance into a customized integrated operating system that enhances security and automates alarm response.

Additionally, WWSG has expanded beyond the purview of security to include crossing guard services, creating a unique business portfolio which encompasses public safety in its entirety. The same attention to detail, staffing practices, and systems integration are applied to the distinct but related field of crossing guard services.

Home Detention and Behavior Assessments for Tribal Nations and Municipalities

With the rising of costs and the state of the economy WWSG Inc. can help drive down incarceration rates for our customers.  We can provide non-incarceration solutions for : i. Adult Offenders; ii. Sex & High Risk Offenders; iii. Juvenile Offenders; iv. Restraining Orders; v. Bail Protection (Family & Friends).  Let us help by accomplishing the following:

  • Audit & Assessment
  • Data Analysis on Home Detainee Eligibility
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Home Detention Platform & Devices (IIDs & Bracelets)
  • Wireless & Infrastructure